10 Things About Me

I've got a tagged post from Audrey and here's the rules:

 Each tagged person must tell 10 things about themselves
 You have to choose and tag 10 people
 Go to their blog and tell them you tagged them
 NO tags back
10 things about me:

 My full name's Maria Theresia Lintang Larasati
 My tribe is Java, but I can't speak Java language *coz... I was born in Banjarmasin*
 I'm a thin girl o(╥﹏╥)o
 Sometimes, when I remember my past, I getting c'zy *idk why...*
 I was born on January 26, 1997
 I'm a Cassiopeia, Elf, VIP, B2UTY, Sone, Wonderful, TripleS, Black Jacks *Kpop cheers~* 
 I want to go to HSM @Bantul (100% classic *maybe*)
 More like Pop than Classic
 I want to be a musician
 get a scholarship and go to AMERICA! --- #wish

And I'm gonna tag these bloggers:
 Esther Angela
 Anis Diyana


5 shout(s) ♫:

Anis Diyana mengatakan...

thank you :)

Maria Theresia Lintang mengatakan...

@Anis: yup~ ^o^d

sHeRrY mengatakan...

TY for tagging. might blog 'bout this on Friday/Saturday^^

Maria Theresia Lintang mengatakan...

okay ;)

Merel ♥ mengatakan...

haha thankyou for taggin'!
im a bit late ==" but i'll do asap!

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